Faculty/staff services and support

The division's main office is responsible for the overall operation of each area of the department in addition to offering the following services.

Budgetary Support

Learning Spaces & Support provides budgetary support for Years I-IV of the medical student curriculum. During the budget review process each course director is asked to project a working budget based on past experiences and curriculum needs for the new academic year. Each course is then given a teaching budget managed by Learning Spaces & Support that is used to purchases materials, supplies and services for the teaching program. For assistance with coordinating patient panels and clinical case reviews please contact Krystal Parker 313-577-1412.

Educational Material and Services Purchases

Materials for the teaching program including computer software/upgrades, services, and equipment will be purchased using the teaching budget and ordered through our office. A Request for Instructional Aid form must be approved for all new purchases. Forms are available in the Learning Spaces & Support office and must be completed and signed by the Associate Dean for UME. If the total request exceeds $100.00 the signature of the course director will also be needed. Materials for wet laboratory sessions should be arranged with the Laboratory Services unit of Learning Spaces & Support.

Image Reproduction and Duplication

Services provided by BioMedical Communications such as slide reproduction, videotaping or graphic art services must also have prior approval.

Duplication and Distribution of Course Notes

Learning Spaces and Support provides support for the duplication and distribution of course handouts for Year I-IV medical student curriculums. Course handouts (i.e., lecture notes, lab manuals) should be delivered to Learning Spaces & Support two weeks prior to the beginning of a course or lecture to allow adequate time for duplication and distribution. Course Directors are encouraged to prepare as complete a course pack as possible. Day-before or day-of lecture handouts will be duplicated as soon as possible and distributed in the student mailboxes. All students are accorded equal access to printed materials, if for some reason handouts not are produced by Learning Spaces & Support and are distributed in the lecture halls or MD Labs by faculty members, extra copies must be delivered to Learning Spaces & Support after the lecture/lab. 300 copies are needed to provide for each student.

Course Support Services

The division provides budgetary, material and technical support, set-up and clean-up personnel for wet laboratories and other educational learning sessions. Laboratory Services is available to assist course directors in the development and presentation of exercises to the medical students. The division also has a limited quantity of scientific equipment available for loan to teaching faculty and medical students.

Small Group Didactic Session, Clinical Correlation Encounters

Patients that have been brought in for clinical correlation sessions are entitled to a small honorarium. Please let us know at least a week in advance of their participation in your course so that the appropriate paperwork can be completed. The division can also help you present clinical correlation conferences. The conferences expose students to clinically relevant testing, patients presenting with specific conditions, gross pathology specimens, etc. in a way that allows student more hands-on/close-up exposure that is not available in other formats. We can provide logistical and financial support, assist in presenting materials and work with your patients as they present to the students.

Wet Laboratories

When planning a wet lab or any student exercise requiring equipment, supplies and set-up service please contact the division coordinator, Scott Nelsen, 313-577-1431, snelsen@med.wayne.edu.

The coordinator will provide the following services to ensure your exercise is a success:

  • Prepare ordering lists and lab protocols
  • Order lab materials
  • Prepare and dispense chemical solutions
  • Pretest models and equipment
  • Distribute materials
  • Be available during exercises to troubleshoot problems
  • Clean-up/dispose of material, equipment and trash

Equipment for Loan

A select inventory of scientific equipment are available for loan, when not in use by a medical student program. The equipment is available in the laboratory services office, 2330 Scott Hall, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (Mon-Fri). Equipment includes: microscopes, blood pressure cuffs, stethoscopes, pen lights, reflex hammers, otoscopes, and portable ultrasound machines.

Educational Software Installation 

For questions regarding software and software installation to the MD Lab and Mazurek Lab computers, Scott Nelsen, 313-577-1431, snelsen@med.wayne.edu. If you require additional software to be installed please give at least 2 weeks notice.

Audiovisual Services and Media Production

Audiovisual services includes the setup, pickup, operation and maintenance of all types of audiovisual equipment including but not limited to: LCD data/video projectors, video players/monitor units, laptop computer and conferencing phone systems.
If you require Audiovisual support or services, reservations need to be requested separately through Audiovisual Services and Media Production.

Learning Spaces Support & Reservations

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