SOM - EMS Reservation Use Tutorial

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To create a reservation in EMS:

  • Go to >
  • Click > "Sign In"
  • Sign > WSU AccessID (ab1234) and password
  • Select > "book now" from the "Reserve a Medical School Space"

  • Complete > Date, Start Time, & End Time

  • Add/Remove Locations > Click "Update Locations"

  • From the list of available spaces, click the green circle icon to select the room

  • Add > No. of Attendees & Setup Type

  • Click > "Add Room"
  • From the top of page (scroll if needed) click "Next Step"

  • Select available AV options and add any AV setup notes
  • Click "Next Step" to continue

  • Complete Reservation Details
    • Complete Event Name
    • Select Event Type
    • Select Group (role, department, etc.) by clicking the magnifying glass and typing in your group, or department
      • For medical students, you must type in your associated year "Y1 Medical Student" to get available Group options
      • After Group selection > click "Close"
  • You will be directed back to the reservation form, complete the remaining form details
    • In the "1st Contact" select (temporary contact) if your name is not listed
    • In the "1st Contact Name" type in your name and information
    • In the "1st Contact Email Address" type in your email
  • Click "I have read and agree to the terms and conditions"
  • Click "Create Reservation"
  • You will receive an email within 48 hours confirming your reservation.

If you have EMS or reservation questions, contact Learning Spaces and Support by emailing or calling 313-577-1431.

If you have Audiovisual support questions or needs, that were not managed in your EMS reservation please contact Audiovisual Services and Media Production Team,