This tutorial will walk you through recording a lecture or live session. You should choose to save your video/audio recording directly to the Zoom (Cloud), this will give you easy sharing functionality. The Cloud link of the recording can then be shared with the AV Team at for posting within Echo360 for student access.

  1. Familiarize yourself with Zoom meeting controls (1:03)
  2. Test your audio & video. Be sure light is on your face and that your background and desktop are free of distractions. Practice looking at your webcam, not the screen when you present.
  3. Practice sharing your screen (0:36)
  4. Watch YouTube Video >  Recording a Zoom Meeting (1:05)
  5. Ensure to have your lecture documents open and available on your desktop (PPT, PDF, etc.)
  6. Go to Zoom Web Portal:
  7. Sign with your WSU AccessID email ( and associated password (same as WSU AccessID email).
  8. Click "Host a Meeting" from the top-right side > Choose "Video On"

  9. Click "Join with Computer Audio"
  10. When you are ready to begin recording > Click "Record" from the Zoom control bar > Record to Cloud
    • Pause and Stop options are available in the same location

  11. When you are ready to share your screen (to display your PPT) > Click "Share Screen"
  12. Choose the appropriate desktop window to display > Click "Share"
    • Go through you slides as you do from a lecture hall / podium
  13. Click "Stop Share" when you are done presenting your slides
  14. When you are through with your lecture/ Zoom recording > Click "Stop Recording"
  15. You will receive a pop-up stating, "After stopping, you should receive an email notification when the cloud recording is ready to share"
  16. Select "End" > "End Meeting for All"
  17. Login to Zoom Web Portal
  18. Click on "Recordings" (Recordings may take up to 2 hours to process)
  19. You will see a list of your Cloud Recordings > Click the "Share" button" next to the recording you want to share.
  20. Follow the "Share a Zoom Cloud Recording" Instructions


Need Assistance with Zoom (SOM Activity Set-Up, Logistics & Training):
Medical Education Support Group - EdTech Unit

Need Assistance with Zoom (Account & Sign-In):
C&IT Help Desk