OneCard Replacement

OneCard Replacement (Lost/Stolen & Damaged)

OneCard & Parking Service Center
The Welcome Center
42 West Warren, Room 257 (Second Floor)

To get a replacement card, you will need to fill out the Replacement Card Form, available on the table outside the OneCard office. The fee for a new card is $20 payable with check, cash or money order only. If your card was stolen, a police report number is necessary for the OneCard office to waive the $20 replacement fee.

Re-Encoding/ Updating for Building Access (Mazurek elevator)

  • Call Public Safety and verify that you have SOM building access, 313-577-2056.
  • If you have WSU-SOM building access:
    • Go to WSU Public Safety (6050 Cass Ave) to have your card encoded for building access and OneCard PIN
  • If you do not have WSU-SOM building access:
    • Fill out Access Request Form available from Student Affairs (315 Mazurek)and obtain signature
    • Turn form into Facilities & Support Services Office (1102 Scott Hall)
    • Go to WSU Public Safety (6050 Cass Ave) to have card encoded for building access and OneCard PIN. Before going, call and verify they have received your Access Request Form.

After receiving a new OneCard:

You must get OneCard re-coded for Attendance Tracking & Fitness Room Access.

  • Go to: Educational & Technology Support Group (Suite 231 Mazurek)
  • If your OneCard number is not updated in the attendance database, swiping for attendance at required activities will NOT be tracked accurately and you WILL be considered ABSENT.


Educational and Technology Support Group, Mazurek 231, 313-577-1086
Amie Dozier (