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  1. To access the Echo360 Streaming lectures, login into Canvas
  2. Enter a Canvas course, from the course navigation you will see the Echo360 Recordings button.
  3. Click the Echo360 Recordings button form the course navigation.
  4. Select Q&A from the top menu bar, or you can select the white number in the grey square to the far right of the lecture title.
  5. Selecting either of the above options will direct you to the Q&A display page.

Q&A Display Page

  1. The Q&A page will display the course questions on the left frame, you can narrow the questions down from a specific class / lecture by clicking and holding on the down arrow from the Question box to the right of the blue NEW QUESTION button.
  2. Select the question that you want to respond to from the left frame. If there is a red dot next to a question, it has yet to be viewed by an instructor.
  3. The selected question will turn bold and the frame to the right will display the selected question again, in addition to any previous communications.
  4. Click the blue RESPOND TO THIS QUESTION button the bottom of the frame to reply.

Responding to a Question or Discussion

  1. A box will open that will allow you write a reply, you can also attach a file and or paste in a url if supplemental information is needed.
  2. Select the blue POST button when your reply is complete.

Other Functionality within the Q&A Tool (Keyword Search & Sort)

  1. To search for a question, enter a keyword in the search bar.
  2. Questions that include the keyword will appear on the left. Select the question you wish to view.
  3. The currently selected question will appear on the right frame with all responses to that question.
  4. To "like" a question, click the thumbs up button below the question or response. To bookmark a question, click the bookmark button. Questions "liked" by the instructor will show as "Instructor-endorsed" to students.
  5. You can use the Sort function to sort newest – oldest.


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