Echo360 (SOM Recordings)

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Echo360 is WSU's Active Learning Platform that is available to students and instructors to manage and access lectures and event recordings. Echo360 recordings are seamlessly integrated within WSU Canvas courses. Echo360 supports both synchronous and asynchronous learning methods by offering the ability to pre-record and live-stream lectures for both on-demand and remote viewing.

 SOM Supplemental Recordings & Content available in Echo360 (Town Halls, Special Events, Debt Management, Academic Success)

  • Click here to self-enroll in the "SOM Supplemental Recordings & Content" Canvas Site
    • You will be prompted to Login into Canvas with your WSU AccessID & associated password.
    • Select the green "Enroll in Course" button
    • Once in the course > click the Echo360 Recordings button from the course navigation.

Echo360 Contacts & Assistance